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Grassroots world class Lawn care We bring a certain type of care to your lawn.

Grass Roots only use a select species of grass that are really suitable for home or commercial lawns. Those include: Kentucky bluegrass,

perennial ryegrass, tall fescue and fine fescue and some of our special blends of these grasses.

When considering installing or renovating a lawn, selection of the proper turf grass species is one of the most important decisions to be

made. Lawns are meant to be permanent, and therefore a grass species should be selected that has been adapted to meet your lawn needs.

Member of the NYS Turfgrass Association - Licensed in Yonkers N.Y. and Westchester County.
New York State Licensed DECĀ  Pesticide Applicator - And Certified in Natural Lawn Care.


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Grass Roots Lawn Care, Inc.

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